Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Two in One.

My eldest sister just got married early this month. It has taken her quite some time to get married. Suffice to say, it could not get any sooner.

She had gone through some ups and downs in her relationship, from the best of time, having men 'jostling' to get her hands, to the worst of times, watching her burning her ex's love letters and asking me not to treat my lady badly. Well, that is one advice that I dont have to reminded of, just ask those who have been with me.haha. Jokes aside, she deserves to get married, to be with someone who she loves. After what she had gone through, this is the least that she should get.

As loud as she is, as tough looking she is, she is one fragile lady inside. Just wait for her to be in her occasional breakdowns and you know what I mean. Luckily she has someone as patient as her husband, who could keep up with her tantrums and mood swings. Patience should be his middle name as I dont even think I have his level of patience. If I were him, I would have walked out a long time ago. But no, he was persistent for the past 6 years or so, being her long time boyfriend before finally marrying her. That is one great guy and my sister is lucky to have him as her boyfriend and now as her husband. And no one can deny that.

Have I told you that she is a devious scammer? Maybe I already have but I am still going to say about it here. I was in my primary school years when I was duped into parting with my money, in the context of sharing, so that 'we' could buy a No Doubt's album. Though I could not really understand why I let her dupe me into doing that, I am glad that she did that because, hell, No Doubt is one good band. She influenced me since then into liking many great female singers. Maybe she likes women who are tough and independent and you can really see her in that mould once you know her. And I have no regrets whatsoever liking these great female singers.

To Along, a great sister, hopefully you are happy with the man of your choice because I know that he is happy to have you too. Both of you are great together and that is a No Doubt.