Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Shoes Are Too Big For Me.

It is a bit ironic that Mother's Day falls on the same month with Labour Day. A traditional and conservative family would regard being a mother is actually a job per say. So I guess it is not very ironic to some then. Being a mother is a lot of work. Loads of chores have to be done while juggling with the kids and at the same time, preparing things for the husband. For a family where the burden of chores are all on the shoulder of the mother, it certainly won't win the most coveted job of the year.

The place where I'm working right now requires me to deal with nurses, a lot. For those who don't know, my mom used to work as a nurse and she is already retired now. I got my chances to talk with the nurses and asked a little bit about their job, their life experience and everything. I learned a lot from them. But one thing that all of them agreed on is that being a nurse is not a very easy job. It made me think, how did my mom managed to raise her children and at the same time juggling with her demanding job, taking care of the children when we are sick, just like how she took care of the patients when they needed her the most. How was she able to prepare our breakfast before she went to work early in the morning? I am not even married yet, but I already feel the burden of working. I have no idea how hard it could be if I were to be like her.

People say that we won't know someone until we put ourselves into that someone's shoe. But I guess to put myself into my mom's shoe is just impossible as her shoes are too big for me to fill. Happy Mother's Day, ibu.


  1. sweet write ups.. not to forget, even back then we have always had constant supply of good food (cheap but good.. hehe), food is almost always home cooked, house needed to be cleaned always (ehem u-know-who requires this..), "someone's" clothes ironed crisply, and all those other mental demand.. so always be good to her ok.. ibu have always been a superwoman for me (reminder for myself too).. muahssss

  2. well,im with her day in day out ok,the one keeping her company.hehe