Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Double Your Money

It makes me cringe everytime I see a picture of people showing their bank accounts,showing off how much they are getting each week by participating in a scheme where they invest a small amount of money and getting a huge return in a short period of time. My take? There is no easy money in this world. If it seems to be that way, then there must be something fishy about it. One of the most notoriously known is 'Login FB dapat RM100' which is utter bullshit. For those who really understand how it works,it is just a scheme where the money just rotate and in order for it to keep on rotating, you have to get downlines. Yes,once you are caught in the web, it would be very difficult for you to get out.

The thing with many of those who are duped, they are too gullible in believing that they can get money without sweating it out. They just have to be shown with an amount of money and can easily be induced with it.

Or they can be shown a picture of someone with a big house or a big car and keep on dreaming that someday they can be the one in the picture when actually, the guy in the picture only borrowed the car and the house for a while.

Ye,saya menang motor.

I have a friend and he is now doing a business of selling things. He already has a stable job and he is doing this part time business as his side income. He told me that this part time job is just that, a part time job. He is not doing it very aggressively as it is not his main source of income. If there is a customer, he would try to sell his things. But if there is none, he would just do his main job without concentrating too much on his part time job. Of course, he did put up some advertisement about his business, but if there is no buyer, he wont be too sad about it. I asked him, why? He told me he has this habit that he felt somehow helped him in one way or another. Everytime he went to the mosque for the Friday prayer, he would try to donate at least RM1 or RM2 to the mosque. It is not a huge amount, but it sure is a good thing to do, he said. He told me that each time he did that, in one or two days, there would be more customers looking for him. He said that maybe it is a gift from God, that for the small amount that he gave to the mosque, God would give something better to him. But he warned me, that we should not be thinking of getting a reward when donating, we must be sincere and not to be thinking too much if there is no return from the small donation that we made. God, he said, already has plans for us. If God wants us to get some money from our dealings, we would. But if it is not meant to be, then it is not meant to be and we just have to work harder.

Money is a sensitive topic to be talked about. People just seem so eager to amass as much as they can without actually knowing the source of the money first. The money from gambling, for example, which would be used for us to buy food for our family, would have a long term effect which we wont be able to see until it is too late. This is one of the problems with Malaysians, some of us just cant get enough of money that they would resort to whatever method that is possible as long as the money reaches them. It is like organic food and non-organic food. You might get bigger and juicier orange which is chemically laden, but you would get a better quality orange from the organic orange. That is how it is with money. The bottom line is, there is no free lunch. Not even free orange.


  1. Aku setuju part sedekah tu.
    Memang kejap je Tuhan balas balik with better outcomes, and incomes. :)

    Part yang tayang2 bisnes mengarut cam Login FB tu, aku memang abaikan completely. Dah beberapa orang add aku kononnya nak berkawan kat FB, tapi bila sekali je aku tgk dia update status berkaitan skim dungu camtu, terus aku remove je. muahahaha!

  2. aku pun buat mcm ko buat tu ijan.mmg aku palang abes org camtu.haha.ape lagi,nak nombor akaun aku utk ko derma? :p

  3. Aku kalau ade org nak berkawan mmg aku check skolah atau U mana, kalau xsama dgn aku jgn harap aku add. Tp masalahnya geng kiter pun sama malaun join skim pelik ni!!!

    kalau nak kaya baik melabur dgn aku jer...hahaha =D

    guys, blog aku dh tukar baru so check it out! no more PandaiPandai, skrg Moharz plak =)

  4. burn: aku samada trus delete or hide je org2 camni.senang cite.xyah pening2.haha