Monday, April 26, 2010

I Want.

A few days before my birthday, people keep on asking what I wanted for my birthday. I never really know what I wanted, so I made a list and had a few things things in mind.

I already have a personal computer but I have always wanted a netbook. Maybe a Dell netbook as I have always preferred Dell when it comes to laptops.

I was thinking that maybe I can use it for my photo outings and can easily transfer my pictures into the netbook as a backup.

Or...maybe I would want to have a new DSLR body, the Pentax K-7.

Just imagine the possibilities of what I can do with a new body :D

Oh man....I'm such a gadget freak, aren't I ? But to prove to you that I'm not, I have another thing that I would like to have.

I would like Lisa Surihani to sing to me. Though looking at her acting skills, I dont think I should hope for much if I were to get her to sing for me.

So when I had a look at my list,trying to get the best thing as a present for my birthday, I realized that I dont need these things.

I only need my dearest to be with me.

Needs are more important than wants.


  1. patot la g selak2 lappy mereka tadi. haih~

  2. ouch! that was so sweet syafiq! ^___^

  3. alin: selak2 saje je nak kacau dorang tu.bese la tu.hehe

    adeqq: tq adeqq.. :)

  4. just take mine sir...

  5. anon: xbagi name camne sy nak claim?hehe

  6. Aku tergelak baca wish ke-3 ko...mcm siot jer!!!

  7. hahaha.. alang2 da mintak lisa nyanyi.. ader ke nk lagu tepuk amai2 jer.. mintak la lagu power sket.. ^__^

  8. fedrin: lisa tu bkn pandai sgt berlakon kan plak suruh nyanyi.lagila hancur.lagu senang2 sudey.hehe

  9. hahahaha... no wonder la.. ^__^