Thursday, November 12, 2009

Either one of them.

I was eating my dinner with my parents when suddenly my dad asked,

" Syafiq, do you know Ana Raffali?"

I almost choked my pattaya fried rice when he asked me about her. Of course I know her, I even got a thank you note from her. What surprised me was that my dad knows Ana Raffali. Wow, that was really a surprise. I thought he only knows Mana Corazon Espinoda. So I answered,

" Yes, of course I know her. How did you know about her?"

My dad just smiled without answering my question. Then my mom asked,

" Who is she? Yuna ek?"

What??? Now my mom knows Yuna? It's like I'm in the parallel universe. I never thought my parents know them. They are more hip than I thought they were. What more after this? Wani Ardy?

Hmm...On second thought, maybe they want to marry me to either one of them. Maybe it's just a way for them to get to know the bride beforehand.

" Syafiq, pick me, pick me. I can sing and write too."

" No Syafiq, pick me. Not only I can sing and write, I'm also a businesswoman. Ekin got her tudung Ekin, I got mine too. It's a sure hit la, 'Tudung Yuna'. Pick me Syafiq."

Well, maybe not. So anyone wants to sing me lullabies before I go to sleep tonight?


  1. lu mmg dengki dgn gua la bro.hahaha

  2. perasan...

    jemput join contest kat blog aku.

  3. adeqq: xreti tulis cite la..hehe

  4. Ko penah cite pasal Ana Raffali kat aku lama dulu, pasal dia bagi note kat kau tu. Waktu tu aku btol2 xde idea sape minah ni. Tapi dis week she's in Utusan Malaysia so baru aku knal. Tu pon lepas baca citer ko ni baru aku recall. haha

  5. Burn: least skrang ko dh knl...mase tu dah lame kan...setahun lps kot..hehe

  6. first time aku tgk anna nyanyi dekat mont kiara with baju kurung. *sangat cantekk :)
    so bole pilih die okeh. <3