Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A good deed indeed.

I am so tired after a long day. I just got home, havent changed my clothes yet but I just have to write this.

I was driving home and listening to the radio to escape the boredom of driving alone. Then, a caller called the radio station and told the deejay about her day. Her name is Michelle,if I'm not mistaken, and she was driving when suddenly she had a flat tire near Bukit Tunku. She stopped and tried to change the tire but to no avail, she couldnt change the tire on her own. Suddenly a man on a motorcycle stopped and helped her to change her tire. When the man had done changing the tire, the woman offered to buy him food as it was near the breaking fast and that the man is a Muslim. The man declined the offer and answered,

'It's Ramadhan and I should at least try to do something good. I dont want you to get robbed here and that's why I helped you.'

I dont know who that man is and might never will. I just want to say thanks for giving me something contradictory to what some Muslims did before this. Not many men would do something like that and for a Muslim to help others who are in need is something that is truly commendable. I just hope I would be as kindhearted as this man next time when I see someone in need of help. I guess you would too.


  1. wow, people like him are hard to come by..
    I hope we're kindhearted like him too.. (^^,)

  2. najmie: tula...rasenye mcm susah gak tu..hehe

  3. bukan senang nak berhenti dan tolong orang yang dikenali, tapi tak mustahil sebenarnya.sama macam bila tengok orang buta melintas, adakah kita akan jadi penonton sahaja, atau yang menolong

  4. noha: mmg tak mustahil...tapi time tu dah nak dekat berbuka...berapa kerat sangat la yang sanggup tangguhkan berbuka time tgh lapar2 tu n tolong a complete stranger...tu yg buat laki tu lagi hebat tu...

  5. bagusnyaaaaaaa.... but in this crazy world we live in right now.. I would be DARN scared to even receive help from strangers.. sekali tu kene rape or watever.. macam mana nak bezakan org yg baik or jahat? waaaaa.. paranoid i know but this is what we have come to. takkan nak standby pepper spray kat org yg tolong kita? tsk tsk tsk.. call AAM je la camni..