Sunday, September 13, 2009

A short trip to Melaka.

My friends, a whole group of people and I went to Melaka yesterday. It was planned to be a simple photo outing but it ballooned into a mass photo outing involving around 50 people. Not an ideal one, but that's what you get when a renown photographer involved in the photo outing. We went to Pantai Klebang, Masjid Tanah and took pictures of the beach there. On the way there, we passed by my alma mater, Melaka Matriculation College, which I havent seen for 4 years. Memories of being there for that one whole year came back to me. But I guess they remain only as that, memories. So here are the pictures from the photo outing.

After that, we went to Eye on Melaka which is a bit smaller than the Eye on Malaysia. It is situated near the Melaka River as you can see in the picture below.

After Eye on Melaka, we went to Eye on Malaysia which is situated at a secluded place so you have to know your way to get there. Not many people were there last night which made it an ideal night to take pictures.

I'm not really satisfied with the pictures as the clouds are a bit flat. Guess I have to make another trip there or just go to Port Dickson which is nearer to my house.hehe.


  1. rindu pantai kat melaka juga.ok2.rindu pantai kat semua tempat yang pernah pergi.dan eye on malaysia jugak.ingatkan yang eye on melaka dulu pindah ke melaka,tapi yang berlainan ker?

  2. Noha : takla...due2 benda pusing2 tu ade kat melaka..yg eye on melaka tu kecik sket...yg eye on msia kat titiwangsa dlu tu die dah bwk ke melaka...sbb tu skrang due2 kat melaka...hehe

  3. wa...
    cantiknye gmbar laut tu...
    ada guna hdr tak awk?
    lagi satu mcm ne nak wat effect jadi cahaya mcm tu ea?

  4. munira: yang laut sume gune hdr...effect cahaya camne ek?tak paham plak..hehe

  5. wow cantik gambar...nice shot bro

  6. nak set camera mcm ne utk ambik gmbar eye on malaysia tu =)

  7. burt: thanks bro...

    munira: kalau nak senang,gune shutter priority,set la dlm 10 saat ke,nnt jadi la camtu.tapi kalau nak lagi lawa,kene setting manual la sume sbb kadang2 pkai shutter priority semata2 ni nnt gmbr mcm ade burned out sket...try la dlu... :)

  8. i folow u :)
    lawa2 pic blog nih. hehe
    anyway, welcome to my blog :)

  9. whoa...nice pics..berjaya membuat saya mahu berjalan-jalan ke pantai sana.