Friday, March 27, 2009

One fainted. Two sprained ankle.

Three. That’s the number of students that either hurt themselves or had a lack of minerals that they had to be brought to the staff room and be rescued by the teachers. I had just finished my two period lessons when I came to the staff room and a boy was trying very hard to breathe. The teachers tried their best to help the boy breathe that no matter what your major is, everyone was a doctor at that time. Or maybe their experience in raising their children certainly helped them. By the way, the boy’s hands and legs were numb that we had to literally carry him to the car to be brought to the clinic.

What I could see at that time was that the teachers’ paternal instinct really helped in dealing with that situation. Teachers are certainly student’s second parent. I dread to think what would happen if the teachers just left the boy gasping for his breathe, all alone.

My back ached when I helped to carry him. I feel like an old man.Sigh. Anlene, anyone?

credit to Bill Watterson


  1. kalau yg ko angkat tu student pompuan, mesti ko hepi kan?XD

  2. why they hurt themselves in the first place? merentas desa kah?

  3. tak tau la..tibe2 je pengsan...