Monday, March 16, 2009

Half boiled ball

Even as a 23 year old, I still love to watch cartoons. I even watched most of the products by Pixar and Dreamworks at the cinemas. I think this is because I have been interested in cartoons and comics even before I started going to school. So just imagine my joy when I knew that there is going to be a Dragonball movie!

And today I watched the movie.

And not really impressed.

I wonder who wrote the script…most of the scripts are so cheesy that I thought I was eating a rotten cheese. It was like watching a teen movie where this guy has this crush on a girl but too afraid to say it. What a cliché…

Most of the characters are not even properly developed. The plot of the movie doesn’t help to show us how the characters develop. What I know from the characters is that Cici likes to kiss Goku. Luckily Cici is one hot babe.hehe.

For those who have been with Dragonball for almost twenty years, believe me, this movie wont be anywhere near your expectation. Just stick to the comics, please.

A great movie? No

A movie to watch while eating popcorns? Yes

1 comment:

  1. aku pun baru tgk td...
    mmg mengecewakan...
    cite x klakar..dialogue xbest..action pun terlalu soft!i repeat, the actions were too damn soft!!no adrenaline rush la bak kata omputih!
    the hero suddenly became so strong, n the villain was defeated so easily..and yes, characters development: pathetic.

    darah pun, alahai, stakat toreh sikit je kat tgn..mcm cite utk budak kecik..hopefully the sequel will be better..