Sunday, March 29, 2009

Full of talents

Our film industry is plagued with films that constantly harp on genres like horror and comedy. These types of films are undeniably raking all the big money from the masses. Not many producers would be willing to part their money in doing niche films. It will always be about who can get the most money of their blockbuster films.

So it is a refreshing sort that Talentime emerges from the pile of cliché films.

For me, satire is the highest form of critiques and I am glad that Yasmin Ahmad hasn’t moved from that field. Not many people would want to produce that kind of films and the few in the list includes the great P. Ramlee.

The issues that are touched by Yasmin Ahmad include the misunderstanding between the Malays, the Indians and the Chinese, the fact that the Bumiputeras are constantly being helped by the Government, the constant association that if you are a Muslim, you have to be Malay, which is clearly misguided. There are other issues that few of them really need you to read (or maybe listen) between the lines.

The actors and the actresses are certainly commendable for their effort in making this film a success. Mahesh, Pamela Chong and Jaclyn Victor should be noticed for their good debut which certainly has an impact on the film. Yasmin Ahmad certainly has an eye for the best actors which suit her film. Like she said, she always searches for the ‘charisma’ when she scouts for the actors and she did it again with this film.

The songs that are chosen for the film are certainly entertaining. But what catches me the most is the song O Re Piya which really suits that scene is the film. I had been humming the song after the film finished until my friends asked me to stop.LOL.

If you are used to watching Yasmin’s advertisments, this film is like her ads which spans for two hours. :)

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  1. wargh..another 'oh oh we have racial issue but we are fine like that' movie from the yasmin ahmad. hope that this movie will not be slow like her other movies. but then again who's complaining, she won like 'lawts' of awards.