Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aliens and Hindustan movies

The other day, I watched Krishh at TV3 as I don’t have Astro at my Rawang’s house. The movie is quite ok la. Maybe it was because that was my only choice. Or maybe, I’m interested in superheroes and aliens. So today I took a picture of an alien.

So how? Scared already huh?hehehe.

Have a look at my flickr for more.


  1. krissh tu sequel tau..ko kene tgk muvie dia yg first..pasal idup bapak dia..mula2 terencat, pastu jd terer sbb dpt kuasa alien..tajuknya "koi mil gaya'..pelakon yg sama.

  2. Sir,i rcommend you the mvie of 3 idiots.hindustan mvie,starring by aamir khan.its really a great n funny mvie.u'll love it.it full of message n can motivate ourself.the mvie is suitable 4 u as the mvie tell about the student teach the lecturer.hehe. *sorry my eng broken.:-P