Saturday, December 15, 2012

Growing Old With You.

True love, is like a ghost, so many people talk about it, but only a few have experienced it.

For me, my true love is certainly love at the first sight. After so many years of knowing each other, going through many heartbreaks, the hurling of anger, swearing not to call each other anymore, we know that somehow we can never get enough of each other no matter what happens.

It is not easy making that decision to get married. You will often ask yourself, "Is she the one? Do I want to spend my life with her? Do I want to grow old with her?"

But then I asked myself," How can I not get married to someone who is so understanding, someone who is always there despite my hardships and flaws, someone who knows me so well that I really think she is a psychic at times, someone who after all the stupid things I did, will still say I love you?.

Then, I told myself, "This is the one, this is the one who you want to spend your life with, the one who you want to grow old with".

And I definitely concur with that.