Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100% Right For Each Other

"..your father and I, we're not even 90% right for each other. Not even 60, okay? But he's the love of my life. And right now the love of your life is going to fly away and I bet somewhere in the back of your mind, you're thinking that she'll always be there if you want to try again, but you know what? She wont, because she's the goddamned best! And some lucky guy is going to make it work with her no matter what. - Tom's mom"

Last night, I watched The Five-Year Engagement. Yeah, I know it's kinda late. I have been wanting to watch it since I saw the trailer but somehow it slipped out of my mind and I just remembered about it last night.

So it was about a couple who is not sure if they really want to get married as they think that they don't really suit each other and that they better if they end up with someone else. I'm not here for the review. For movie reviews, you can read my other blog, Dramatic Durian. What I really want to talk about is about finding your life partner.

I am lucky that I am married to someone who I have known for so long, knowing her for almost one decade before I got married to her. We got our differences, there are things that I like but they will bore her to death, and the same thing applies to me that I can't stand watching Vampire Diaries for more than a minute but that is her favourite series. And seriously, that is OK as we don't really need to pretend that we have the same interest. Just like what Tom's mom said, you don't need to be 100% right for each other to know that that person is the love of your life. If you need to do that, then there are two possible consequences.

First, you will never get married. Or maybe it will take a very, very long time for you to get married. You have to make sure that that someone really suits you or you might even resort to dating websites. You know, the ones where we can state the criteria that we want and they will try to match them with what we want. I mean, why would you want another you? Someone who likes every single thing that you like? Might as well you clone yourself. But of course, there should be some traits that are attractive to you but you have to give and take, you can't expect someone to have all the criteria that you have listed in that small book of fantasy of yours. Yes, I know you have that.

The other possible outcome from this is that you will get married but you will try your best to like whatever that your partner likes so that to appease your partner. In a way, you are forcing yourself to like something that you don't like, enduring the boredom though it's eating inside of you. So have your own personality, like something that you really like and if it is the same thing that your partner likes too, then that is a bonus of course.

So whatever it is, try to make sure that you will work it out with your partner no matter how difficult or how different you think you are from your partner. As for me, I must say that I'm married to someone who I have known for so long that I know what ticks her off and how to make her happy. I'm just lucky that I'm married to someone who I can call my bestfriend.

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