Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A day for teachers and students.

I love teaching. Yes, I really do. At least it is something where I would have some idea of what is actually going on. After few years of teaching, I know to be a good teacher is not easy, there are so many things that should be done by teachers and every Teacher's Day, these teachers would be appreciated for the hard work and long hours that they have put in.

Appreciation. Yes, that tingling feeling of knowing that you actually have done something right.

Some teachers really deserve to be appreciated. They have dedicated their life in ensuring that their students will be someone better later. And believe me, that is not very easy especially when you see the type of students that we have nowadays. But how about the students? Are they being appreciated enough?

After few years of teaching, what I can say is that some of our local teachers have a really hard time of appreciating their students' work. A simple good is enough, but wonderful is much better. Students need motivation and by giving comments like this, teachers are actually helping the students to do better next time.

When I was 13 years old, my English teacher put up my essay for the whole class to read. Of course, there were mistakes here and there but she encouraged me to write more and I felt appreciated when she said 'Good job Syafiq'.

Yes, those words might not mean much to a teacher, but they surely do for students who might just need a little push to break from that mental barrier and actually strive to do better and I must say, those words surely had an impact on me.

So for tomorrow's Teacher's Day, don't forget to appreciate your students too, teachers. Happy Teacher's Day.

And no,it is not haram. I've checked.


  1. It's been a while since ur last entry... please update regularly. please please please.
    btw, Happy Teacher's Day ^_^

  2. Happy teacher's day, Syafiq!!

  3. Happy Belated Teacher's Day to you -Bangpit