Monday, December 13, 2010

People's First.

I was caught in a traffic jam the other day. I would not have mind if it is because of accidents, as we are already used to that. The thing that pissed me off was because it was in the middle of the highway and the cars were stopped by some policeman because we were supposed to give way to some VIP in black cars which were being escorted by policemen with at least one patrol car and five motorcycles. It got me thinking while waiting that whole 30 seconds for the VIP cars to pass by.

Why would we need a whole entourage for some VIP cars?

If it is because of protection,you don't need to have the whole IPD to escort some VIPs. This is Malaysia, have you heard about VIPs being hijacked while in a moving car? Maybe it can happen in other countries, but not here. We don't need that.

Why can't the VIPs just drive like normal people? They have to rush to some place else so they need the policemen to escort them so that they would have a smooth journey? Personally, the only situation where we would need police escorts is during life threatening situation like delivering a baby or bringing an injured person to the hospital.

People say that they cannot connect with people in power as they cannot see the similarities between them. While people in power enjoy the privileges, the normal people still have to shove around just to get into a crammed train, have to skip dinner just because they don't have money to buy food while other people eat lavishly. Putting people as the main priority is helping the people to live comfortably without burdening them. Making people's priority first is not merely snapping pictures with some baby or taking a train ride once in a while and publicise it to the whole world. It is making decisions with helping the people in mind.


  1. saya pun pernah terfikir perkara yang sama bila tiba2 kami kena bagi laluan untuk vip. tak boleh ke diorang pun duk dalam jam macam kita kan?

  2. noha: tula.kalau vip tu tak tau ape kesusahan orang biasa,camne nak tolong kan?u gotta know the problem before u can fix something.