Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping It Fresh

Who would have thought that a documentary related to social networking would make a big hit? At least I didn't, not until I watch Catfish. Some people would not really classify it as a documentary, claiming that it is all staged. Well, we are actors and the world is the stage (trying to be philosophical but apparently failed doing so =_= ). While I try not to spoil too much about it, I feel obliged that I must write something. Catfish capitalizes on the craze of social networking and unsurprisingly, they succeeded on doing that. This movie features Facebook, Youtube, Google Map, and gadgets such as Iphone and GPS devices. People can actually relate to that as there are alot of us who are using those tools and devices. This made the movie somewhat viral and highly anticipated by geeks all over the world. For me, the movie is like eating a donut coated with chocolate but filled with bitter vinegar. I know, bad example, who would do that right? But that is how I felt after watching the movie. The relationship started all sweet, just like what we would see in romantic movies. But once truth came creeping out from the closet, they started looking for answers. The woman in the movie had a problem and she felt that she could not do something that she had always wanted all this while and with the main character in the movie, Nev Schulman, she felt that she could do all that. Up to that point, I could really felt the depress and sorrow faced by her. As this is not exactly a review about the movie, maybe I should not divulge too much information about it, for now.
Working with people from different background is really eye-opening once we had a talk with them and listen to whatever that they want to tell us. It is not exactly a heart to heart session but we can learn something from other people by doing that. I have a friend who is in her 30s. She used to be married but she is already divorced and now a single mother. I did not know that she is already divorced until she told me about it herself. I mean, who am I to poke into other people's private life. I was afraid to talk about her divorce as I did not want to upset her. But she was fine about it and told me things that really taught me something about getting married. During her marriage, she felt like she is not herself anymore. She did not do things that she used to enjoy, small things like reading books and spending time to herself. She became a dull, boring woman. While change is inevitable in a marriage, she felt that she is being forced to change into something that she is not. Now divorced, she said that she can now do things that she could not before this. She is back to her old self. Happy and not bitter.
So from these two women, though they live distance apart, they are much like each other, want to be free and not being changed into something that they are not. While change into something better is never a bad thing, there are alot of things to consider in asking someone to be exactly picture perfect like what we have in mind, as if we have some sort of mould that they must come out from. The role of a man is not to dictate what a woman should be but to make the relationship fresh, just like a catfish.


  1. i wish i can write like this! hukhukhuk =.=' *epic fails*

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