Friday, May 3, 2013

Election candidates for Rasah and Rahang

It is almost the time for the 13th General Election of Malaysia now. We have been waiting for this since ages and truthfully, many of us have made our decisions on who we are voting for since the last general election in 2008. The last general election has made many of us more aware of our power in voting and that we can take in or kick out any politicians who do not deserve to be in power or misuse our trust in them. So just before this upcoming general election, I tried emailing some of the candidates for the constituency that I will be voting later for the Rasah parliament and Rahang DUN. I would say that what I received later was a disappointment.

At first, I tried to look up for information for DAP candidates for Rasah and Rahang, Teo Kok Seong and Mary Josephine but I couldn't so I emailed Loke Siew Fook, ex-MP for Rasah because I know I can easily contact him. I asked him how can I have the email for those two candidates as I wanted to ask them some questions regarding elections. Less than an hour later, I got a reply from him.

Ah, if only all candidates are like him, so approachable and actually took the time to reply my email. Because he actually CC his reply to both candidates, I got emails from the candidates not long after that.

From the Rasah candidate.

And the Rahang candidate.

I assume that the Rasah candidate prefer to be contacted on his phone rather than email so I texted him and asked him a question. This is a standard question that I asked all the candidates, PR and BN, about their plans for Rasah and Rahang if they won the election. And this is the reply that I got from him

Obviously he did not understand my question when I specifically asked him what his plan for Rasah is if PR manages to win the federal government. I was asked to have a look at the website though that is a very general manifesto and there is nothing specific for the people of Rasah constituency. At least he actually replied. When I emailed the Rahang candidate, she did not even reply my email when I asked what would she do for the people of Rahang if PR manages to win Negeri Sembilan. Futile, really.

I wanted to ask the same question to the BN candidates, Teo Eng Kian and Julia Wong Pik Min, what they would do if they manage to retain the state and the federal government but I was not able to find their contacts so I emailed the state MCA to get their details. Again, this was answered in less than an hour and I consider this as very impressive.

But the same can't be said for the candidates because I did not get their emails but I got contact numbers of people who manage their election centres. I tried texting these people to get the emails of the candidates but to no avail.

The Rasah candidate.

The Rahang candidate.

Honestly, I am disappointed. I know that they are busy but I have waited for more than a week for their replies but not getting any. I just want to know that they have a plan on what to be done if they won this election so that we know they really want to win and contribute something for the people of the constituencies rather than just being in power. I really hope that this does not reflect them when they have won later, that they can be approached by the people of the constituencies later. What I want is someone like Dato Saifuddin Abdullah, he actually has a manifesto for the people of Temerloh.

Of course, it is not the prettiest video or well made manifesto, but he actually has one compared to candidates of my area, who have none so far. Because seriously, if you can't spend some of your time to answer questions from the people who are going to vote for you, why should we even vote for you?

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