Monday, January 24, 2011


I was driving and as I reached a traffic light, the signal turned to red. Minding my own business, I looked at the traffic light while waiting for it to turn to green. It was at night and I was badly lit by the horribly maintained lamp post. Suddenly I looked at my right and I realized that a group of girls were looking at me. I tried to look around, just to be sure that they were looking at me. I was alone at that time, unless they saw something on top of my car and the smiles that they gave me were actually horrified look looking at some ghost with long legs just like in the movie Karak.

So I checked.Yeah, they were looking at me.Haha. They were smiling and grinning and I thought to myself, " Yeah, this feels good. Though it was dark at the time. They might be thinking in the car here looks like Ashraf Muslim though in actual it looks like Shrek."

Yes,this is how I look at night. But with hair.

So now I know why women like to get dressed, put on alot of make ups, get their hair done. It is because they like the attention! Don't tell me that they simply put on those thick make ups just because they like it. I was given a small attention by girls in cars and I already felt flattered. So no wonder that many false advertising like wearing skimpy clothes, being skinny are A-OK as they are already ingrained with the understanding that it is ok to be looked at, to show off what you have. If that is the common thing right now, I just can't imagine what would I do if I have a daughter in the future. Chain her to her bed?

So while women are being looked at by their looks, there are some of my friends who told me that men are judged by what car they drive. The bigger the car is or the louder the sound that it makes, the better men feel in their pants as they are judged by their cars. Talk about being shallow right?

Oh, by the way, I only drove a Kelisa that night, so either the theory about men with cars is false or the girls were just trolling me. I guess it is the latter.


  1. there are some of my friends who told me that men are judged by what car they drive.<--- hahaha
    org tgk muke ko lahh..xyah guna keta :P

  2. ira: ok pasni aku jalan kaki je.haha

  3. statement yang last tu sangat tak cool, so nak kata sir ni hensem ke?? hahahaha =P

    anyway, bout shrek tu, itu saya setuju, hahaha.. =P

  4. ala...
    diorg tgh confused "jehan miskin" ke? and then they giggles thinking they was right....
    sekian time kasih!

  5. anon: mane ade kate sy hensem la.cube google ape trolling.hehe

    sha: aku tak tau la.xsempat tanye.haha

  6. the bigger the car is, and the faster it goes, trust me, any girls with brain will say 'he sure is small down there'