Thursday, October 21, 2010


Some people say that I'm a rebel,which is not entirely true. I just like to provoke. Provoking here does not mean I like to make people annoyed and such. But I like to provoke people's thinking. This is what I have been doing to people who are almost the same age as me, or the Gen Ys, this past week. People have been saying that the Gen Ys do not care about anything other than themselves which is not true. Some really do care, it is just that they are not given the proper channel to speak out or to give their opinions which made them to be perceived as those who like to be confined in their own world. What we need is the ability to discuss and debate things in a mature, civil manner. We should know how to agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong in disagreeing and questioning something. If questioning something is deemed as being insolent, then let it be. Nobody is perfect so there must always be some sort of questioning as to clarify things and not to accept something entirely as it is. This can surely force people to get their brains to do more exercise rather than just letting it rot. I salute my friends who have been able to stand on their ground and can actually give facts in discussing rather than saying something out of emotions. But for those who think that we cannot discuss something just because it is deemed as sensitive, maybe you can do some soul searching and try to find the maturity in thinking and discussing as getting older is a must, getting wiser is optional.

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