Monday, August 9, 2010

It Is Almost Ramadhan.

“God loves him more, right?” , one of his daughters asked my dad. My dad just agreed with what she said. Me? I just stood there, speechless.

I received a bad news last week that my uncle has passed away due to some health problems. As their house is just nearby here, I followed my parents to pay a visit. As we came into the house, his wife cried, relating what had happened on that fateful day. He was his usual self, without showing any symptoms. They were eating at a rest and relax stall when he had difficulty in breathing and collapsed.

Few days before that, he bought cooking stuffs as it is almost Ramadhan and they are selling cookies as their side income. When I came to their house, I could see the cooking utensils and all the materials were still stacked neatly at the kitchen. Seeing all that would wrench anyone’s heart.

Considering that it is almost Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, I dread to think what their celebration for this year would be like. It would not be the same anymore. Many of his children are still studying, the youngest is 3 years old. The youngest would just answer that his dad is at the hospital when people ask her where her dad is, oblivious to the fact that he is not there anymore.

People always say that you would only learn to appreciate things that you have lost. So I am glad that I still have my family to fast together and hopefully, to celebrate Aidilfitri together. So take care of yourself and happy fasting, love your loved ones.


  1. 'people always say that you would only learn to appreciate things that you have lost'

    its true.

    happy fasting, syafiq :)

  2. dari Dia kita datang, kepada Dia jugalah kita kembali...